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Christmas Wishes : Queens accent, Iris Apfel for tea.


Not wholly convinced by the new trend for neoprene fabrics, I don’t think I could wear wetsuit material trousers (although Cos are doing some amazing neoprene jackets). The wave of “new line” clothing reminds me of Alexander McQueen’s quote: ‘[I design from the side,] that way I get the worst angle of the body. You’ve got all the lumps and bumps, the S-bend of the back, the bum. That way I get a cur and proportion and silhouette that works all the way round the body.’ I like the combination of traditional garments (tweed trousers, white shirts) with contemporary shapes/tailoring.

Lucas Nascimento

Peter Som

Lucas Hugh


I LOVE Phoebe English

Would love to be part of a photo shoot which juxtaposes the natural and industrial. Taking Phoebe English’s work and McQueen and setting it in large scale industrial landscapes or abandoned buildings using a photographer with a formalist outlook. Then maybe some closer up shots which focus on pattern and texture – combining KTZ/Mary Katrantzou/James Long style excessive embellishment. 


I really want to do a photo shoot based around the 2008/2009 V&A Exhibition COLD WAR MODERN: Design 1945-1970. It’s all got to look like sinister film stills with lots of rubber and headwear: kind of like Lady GaGa meets Film Noir meets the Design Panoptikum in Berlin.