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I keep stocking up found images. So here are a few

New Versace

Old Versace

"Trash" Love Magazine

Edward Weston


I want wallpaper of old 50s American imagery somewhere in the Modernist house. kitchen maybe.

Into weird houses at the moment and the formation of a modernist architectural style, especially the domestic work of Richard Meier and Louis Barragan. I’m aspiring to Meier’s “Douglas House”, but with a far more¬†eclectic¬†interior (ha). Oddly sinister documentary about 5 Masterhouses below

Richard Meier 'Douglas House'

Jil works well in the Douglas House

Richard Meier 'Smith House'

Jil also works well in the Smith House

Chandigarh Complex in India: The only fully realized Unite D'Habitation completed by Le Corbusier


Piet Mondrian